5 Risks iPad 2 Components After Quake in Japan

As researcher’s told at iSuppli HIS, that earthquakes and tsunami in Japan to give effects that can affect the production of the Apple iPad 2.

They believe that the iPad 2 uses components from some manufacturers affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Also, nuclear reactors that are still carried serious control due to the explosion, where workers were around the area.

Apple representatives could not be contacted after several hours. The company has delayed the launch of the iPad 2 in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last week, a large magnitude earthquake rocked Japan is estimated magnitude 8. 9.

Apple iPad 2  itself had to go on sale in the United States on Friday last. For iPad 2 in Japan scheduled on 25 March.

Some parts are sourced from Japanese suppliers have been identified iSuppli that causes the character of supply due to the impact of the earthquake:

DRAM – Dinamic random access memory from Elpida Memory, Toshiba’s NAND flash by, the touch screen overlay glass likely, by Asahi Glass Co.., An electronic compass by AKM Semiconductor, and the system battery by Apple Japan Inc..

In addition, several suppliers told that there was no damage to their facilities, but all these companies might have an impact on the delivery, at least for a few percent by logistic factors that now interfere with most of the industry in Japan in the earthquake area. Suppliers had difficulty in obtaining raw materials are supplied and distributed, as well as delivery of components.

Because of the constraints with the transportation system is also difficult for employees’ attendance. Not to mention the difficulties caused by the electricity supply, this can have a major impact on the production process.

Emergency Response Team on Friday trying to cool the nuclear reactor at the Dai Ichi Fukushima facilities using water cannons that sprayed from the helicopter and they also use other means to cool the nuclear reactor because if too much heat will be very dangerous, it can leak a harmful release of radiation into air.

ISuppli Party could not confirm reports that influence the production of battery protection chip from the manufacturer Seiko is also used in the iPad 2.

It should be noted that some of the component parts of the iPad 2 can be replaced with similar components from other manufacturers. But there also some part of the iPad 2 can not be exchanged without any redesign or further analysis of the Apple, as batteries system and compass.

Semiconductor supply disruptions affecting iPad2 inventory and could have been worse if not find a way to divert supplies from Japan.

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