Google Admits Android Collect User Data

Not long after news spread about Google collect user data on Android gadget, Google as the owner of Android operating system tell the truth of news, openly admit that they do collecting user data location  from the Android user gadget.

Samy Kamkar – well-known security analyst, conducting research using the HTC Android. After investigation, he found that HTC Android which is used as an experiment has been done in collecting the user data location and sending it to Google. From experiments Android HTC, delivering data occur several times within one hour.

At this time, Google spokesman acknowledged that Google has done collect user data. But Google, Mountain View company said what is done is for the benefit of services, such as finding stores or restaurants, maps, and study the road traffic.

Google collects user data by knowing the Android user gadget location to offer various services on the basis of data collected.

According to Google, users can control the location sharing features of the Android gadget. Google provides notification and control facilities for collecting and using your Android gadget. Including location sharing option, Google said they could offer services and experiences on using better Android gadget.

At the time of collecting user data, all personal data can not be traced as a personal user or anonymously. Collecting user data and location data is sent back to the Google location server without sending important personal data.

Before this accident, Apple – Giant gadget manufacture has been surprisingly found with similar event, Apple is collecting user data. It was reported that Apple iPhone mobile phone can perform user data location. The news about apple collecting user data gets strong reaction from the various gadget communities, such as in South Korea, they are committed to conduct an investigation against Apple. Until now, there has been no comment or response from Apple about Apple collecting user data.

Facebook Inside Xperia – Integrate Social Networking More Deeply

Facebook inside Xperia will be new social network application in new Sony Ericsson smartphones. Sony Ericsson has announced new smartphones, Sonny Ericsson Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro and Arc which offers user gadget experience new social network – Facebook inside Xperia.

Sony Ericsson has developed Facebook inside Xperia that can quick access from Xperia home screen or most used operating system – music player, picture gallery, calendar and phonebook. User gadget can easily commenting and sharing on Facebook via new Sony Ericsson smartphones, like Xperia Arc.

Facebook inside Xperia – Apps

In Facebook inside Xperia, mobile phone user can do ‘like’ it when they listening or find favorite music from media player. User does not have to open Facebook application because the Wall will automatically updated on Facebook profile. These apps also have feature to track music and video from friends if they recommended, liked or comment on Facebook inside Xperia services, it is like YouTube apps.

The Facebook inside Xperia services offers integrated apps to mobile phone. User can easily share their photos in media gallery to communicate or share via one click mobile home screen and doing ‘like’ or comment at same time.

Facebook inside Xperia – features

Facebook inside Xperia features: Facebook albums and photos integrated into the Xperia gallery application, Easy access to see what friends are listening to and watching, Complete end to end social media and music process: Like, share and buy songs, See your friends’ pictures, interests and link to profile in your Xperia phonebook, Facebook notification alerts in the lock-screen to ensure users never miss an update, Facebook Events will synch with the Xperia Calendar, Instant ability to share the songs you ‘like’ with friends.

As Sony Ericsson release new mobile phone on Q2 and so Facebook inside Xperia will available with it, will ready in selected outlet store. For Xperia PLAY and Xperia Arc mobile users these apps can be update soon after the company finished integrates the apps.

Facebook inside Xperia will available as pre installed apps on Sony Ericsson new smartphone, Xperia mini and Xperia Mini Pro. These two new mobile phones will available in Q3 this year.

Dolphin HD 5 Browser For Android Brings New Update

Latest hitech news, a new top best Android browser version update of Dolphin HD 5 has released by Mobotap, version 5 is available for Android mobile device platform. This Android Dolphin HD 5 can be a killer update application for modern mobile devices, like tablets. Android Dolphin HD 5 will compete with others popular Android browser apps for mobile phone devices, such as Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile or Miren.

Dolphin HD 5 Browser – Review, Features & Comparison

As you can compare to Android browser on hitech world, Dolphin HD 5 has built-in Android web HTML rendering which means low overhead compare to Google’s Android mobile browser.
According to Ars Technica, Dolphin HD 5 browser acts similar to the built-in Android browser application. Dolphin HD 5 browser offers better gesture support, tabbed interface, extensive configurability. Compared to Google’s Android browser, Dolphin HD 5 browser brings a wonderful add-on system.

Dolphin HD 5 Browser Layout

Dolphin HD 5 browser layout looks no change, still same like old version so current user who already familiar with this Android application will not be difficult to use. But, need some adaptation for organizational changes, such as going to quick access panel to get the settings, as you frequently use, you will get accustomed.

Dolphin HD 5 brings white and green interface, simple theme with black and green. The button location for new tab is changed to right side and floats over the tabs. There are new features: speed dial on start page for easy access – user can easily pin the favorite sites, most visited sites on new page, compact and efficient left sidebar. Dolphin HD 5 has fully navigable for the most visited lists using tree structure on sidebar.

Dolphin HD 5 browser has officially released and available around last week. You can get this application for free from the Android Market. Since the updates brings a good performance and improvements of usability, Dolphin HD 5 browser still one of the top best Android browser and popular pick apps for mobile device platform.

Dell Streak 7 4G Android Tablet review

After launch Dell Streak 5, now in 2011, Dell launched new android gadget – the Dell Streak 7 4G Android Tablet, which has the comfort for a tablet like reading e-books, surfing the web, watching videos and much more. although Dell Streak 7 4G is almost similar to the version 5 inches with a wider screen, but there are some differences and features:

powered by Tegra 2 T-Mobile T20 1GHz dual-core processor, 16 GB internal memory, microSD memory expansion, 5 mega pixel rear lens, 1. 3 mega pixel lens front, T-mobile 4G HSPA network connecitivity. Dell Streak 7 4G Android Tablet running on Android 2. 2 with Dell’s stage UI, but Dell promised to upgrade to a honeycomb when everything is ready.

Dell Streak 7 4G – Preloaded from T-Mobile Content and Entertainment

The Dell streak 7 4G Android tablet with support from T-Mobile come with preloaded content unique and applications as well as entertaining for the whole family, Such as:

Dell Streak 7 4G Android Tablet

With The Dell streak 7 4G Android Tablet you can connect with family and friends via wifi or T-Mobile 3G / 4G. Dell streak 7 4G Android Tablet with Qik Video Chat, you can do a video conversation also broadcast what is seen through the camera’s rear.

Dell streak 7 4G Android Table support T-Mobile TV – Watch live television broadcasts on demand including sports, news, and entertainment as well as your favorite channels with full episodes.

Feel the atmosphere of playing golf with the Let’s Golf from Gameloft.

Dell Streak 7 4G Android Tablet Specs

  • The Dell streak 7 4G Android Tablet has a compact size 7. 9 x 4. 7 x 0. 5 inches and 17. 6 ounces of weight, battery 2780 mAh Li-Ion battery which can perform continuous video playback up to 4 hours and standby time up to 72 hours.
  • The Dell streak 7 4G Android Tablet Network Coverage GSM / GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSDPA / HSPA + (3G/4G) and frequency of 850 / 900/1800/1900 MHz.
  • Dell streak 7 4G – What is in box
  • In the package you will get 1 unit of Dell Streak 7 4G tablet PC with simcard, 1 unit rechagreable battery + charger, wired stereo headset 1 unit, 1 unit of the user guide.

5 Best Free Business & Finance Apps for Android

Android apps are growing up to large application market on hitech gadget world as application developers and gadget manufactures race on Android Market. You can find the best free business and finance Apps for Android devices on the Android Market, but we have listed for you. We have listed top 5 best free business and finance apps for Android gadget so you can easily make decision to put on your hitech gadget, such as Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus, or Sony Xperia.

Here are Top 5 Best Free Business and Finance Apps for Android:

Mint. com Personal Finance

Mint. com Personal Finance is best free business and finance apps that lead online finance application among 3M users because easy to use and it is smart way to organize money. The apps features are set budget, put all your account in one place and personalize saving.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is a standard to advance mortgage calculator for calculate the loan. The apps features are capability to display monthly amortization table also annual table, add extra one time or monthly payment and yearly payments. This is the best finance calculator for business and it is free.

Mileage Mileage is application for tracking vehicle fuel mileage and this best free business and finance apps you can do compute or display useful statistics.

Stock Quote

Stock Quote is best free Business and finance apps for Android category and stock tool you can count on. Stock Quote has features: market glance, stock quote, portfolio and chart display from major markets, commodity futures, financial news, commodity widgets, currency, portfolio, stock, currency widgets and many more.

Kitco Precious Metal Prices

Kitco Precious Metal Prices is Android application for live display and load of metal prices from Kitco. com. This best free Business and finance apps can Displaying charts like Palladium (Pd), Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt) and Silver (Ag).

Hope, that top 5 best free business and finance apps for Android devices can help your home office activity.

Top 5 Best Free Android Calendar Widget and Apps

Since Android gadgets and applications become more popular among hitech gadget user and could be a major player in mobile gadget operating system, we have listed Top 5 Best Free Android Calendar Widget and Apps for you. There are so many Android widget and apps in Android market today that can make you difficult to choose. We have list some Top best free android calendar widgets and apps that available in the mobile phone market especially Android gadget.

Here are list of Top 5 Best Free Android Calendar Widget and Apps:

Smooth Calendar

Smooth Calendar is one of the best free Android apps, a lot of Android user use this widget. Display up to 6 calendar events, customable the look and feel for mobile phone theme. This widget application support Facebook, Google calendar, Exchange. Smooth Calendar has light size, just 196 Kb. It need minimum Android 1. 5 or up.

Business Calendar Free

Business Calendar Free is suitable app for business mobile user. This best Free Android calendar has features scroll and zoom to make easy event view. You can easily view events several days in one time. This best apps has search function and configurable widget. It need minimum Android 2. 0. 1 or up and the file size is 583 Kb.

Calendar Pad

Calendar Pad is almost same like Business Calendar Free app. The different is supported Android 1. 6 or up and file size is 204 Kb. So the best part is Calendar Pad application suitable for old Android mobile phone.


CalWidget is the best Free and simple Android calendar widget. It need Android 1. 5 or up and file size is 403 Kb.

Calendar Widget 2 Lite Calendar Widget 2 Lite has multiple widget theme and eye catching calendar application display on Android gadget home screen. Calendar Widget 2 Lite need Android 1. 6 or up and file size is 170 Kb.

That’s the list of Top 5 Best Free Android Calendar Widget and Apps for your Android device. You can choose one of the best calendar widget that can personalize and easy schedule.

The Best Android Browser – September 2019

The battle of the best android browser has continued, who will be the best android browser on hitech gadget?

The Android browser application developer try to build faster and reliable internet surf on mobile gadget, such as mobile phone, smartphone, and tablet PC.

Here Comes The Best Android Browser On September 2019

Fennec (Mobile Firefox)

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) is potential mobile browser that can become the best android browser. Fennec (Mobile Firefox) has ability to run Android flash video, YouTube enabler, TwitterBar – can do tweet from address bar and blocking ads with Fennec AdBlock Plus.

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) support add-ons and extensions, like Firefox.

Opera Mini 5

Opera Mini 5 is the best android browser, free mobile browser with speed accessibility and cost effective. Opera Mini 5 has features speed dial – easy shortcuts with nine customize favorite sites. Opera Mini 5 supports tabbed browsing – can do switch different pages for easily and quickly open pages, navigation aids – for auto complete the address bar, also built-in search bar.

Skyfire 2. 0

Skyfire 2. 0 is the only the best android browser that has Flash Video support. With Skyfire 2. 0, user gadget can watch video clips on google video, vimeo, YouTube and many others video clips.

Skyfire 2. 0 has features manage open tabs or pages, quick access setting, easy page bookmark.

Dolphin HD

Dolphin HD is good performance and effective android browser for mobile gadget, mobile phone and smartphone or tablet PC.

Dolphin HD is first the best android browser with a lot of tabs, multi touch zoom and pinch zoom, shortcut for easy access sites.


Xscope is light and speed browser for Android mobile platform. With Xscope, allows downloading any files and storing YouTube video clips to SD card, organizing tab, and task manager – easy killing application or see running apps. Xscope is the best android browser because speed and download any files ability.

The best android browser reviews always base on speed, easy access, add-ons tabs and files management, that is what mobile gadget user need to.