BlackBerry Playbook Release Date Delayed, Apple iPad 2 Success

BlackBerry Playbook Release date delayed by Research in Motion – RIM, whereas the BlackBerry Playbook tablet has been eagerly awaited by hitech gadget lover.
For those of you who await the arrival of BlackBerry Playbook tablet likely have to be patient because Research in Motion – RIM again delaying the launch of BlackBerry Playbook tablet.
The reason for the delay release of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet is due to the success of the Apple iPad 2 tablet is amazing. It was reported that Apple bought touch screen panels for use in Apple iPad 2 tablet that make Research in Motion – RIM does not get the part. Could be, it started the war BlackBerry Playbook vs Apple iPad 2 tablet.

Digitimes magazine reported that the lack of supply of touch screen panel on the market forcing Research in Motion – RIM BlackBerry delay the launch of Playbook tablet.

Hearing from several sources reporting on the touch screen manufacturer, said the BlackBerry Playbook tablet delivery will be late from the scheduled. Due to lack of stock of a touch screen panel which is reserved by Apple for iPad 2 tablet and delays in software testing BlackBerry Playbook. BlackBerry software problems Playbook is one of factor for the delay release date of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet, in addition to touch screen panel stock problem.

Playbook BlackBerry tablet should have been released in September 2010, but until now still not launched. It seems BlackBerry Playbook faces uphill battle to provide their latest tablet products to retail kiosks.

Previously, the BlackBerry Playbook tablet expected to be available at 20, 000 retail kiosks in the United States (U. S.) and Canada, the BlackBerry Playbook price starts from U. S. $ 499.
According to the plan, the BlackBerry Playbook tablet will be marketed through all Best Buy retail kiosks in the United States (U. S.) and Best Buy Mobile in the United States (U. S.), Also in Canada through Best Buy kiosk and Future Shop. Research in Motion – RIM offered an opportunity for customers to be able to order BlackBerry Playbook tablet first.

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