BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Will Support Android Applications

For the lovers of hitech gadget products from Research In Motion – RIM, especially fans of the BlackBerry Playbook tablets, reportedly BlackBerry Playbook will support Java applications and Android applications.

The BlackBerry Playbook users can run a variety of Java and Android applications that circulating in the market. But you have to be patient because as previously rumored, BlackBerry Playbook tablet release date will be late.

Mike Lazaridis as President and Co-CEO of RIM said that BlackBerry will continue to add Java and Android applications for BlackBerry PlayBook tablet in the BlackBerry App World. RIM will provide a wide range of application of choice for gadget users and demonstrated ability in the many BlackBerry Playbook application platforms.

But the gadget users can not download and run Android applications that are available in Android Market. Gadget users can only download and run Android applications that have been uploaded to the BlackBerry App World. However, application developers at least can enjoy the convenience because BlackBerry Playbook application developers who have made the BlackBerry Java or Android application can easily upload their applications to the BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry Application Developer simply re-package and re-register the BlackBerry Java or Android Applications to BlackBerry App World. If the application is approved then the BlackBerry gadgets users can directly download it on the BlackBerry App World.

Especially, application developers who want to develop applications for the BlackBerry Playbook table t, Research In Motion – RIM has provided Software Development Kit (SDK) specifically for the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. Software Development Kit (SDK) will support HTML 5, C / C + +, AIR and Flash. SDK beta version scheduled to be available in summer this year.

BlackBerry Playbook and BlackBerry OS tablet itself built QNX Neutrino microkernel-based architecture. Until now there are more than 25 thousand BlackBerry Java applications and more than 200 thousand Android applications.

5 Best Blackberry Apps for 2019

Here we give you a list of 5 best BlackBerry apps. Since BlackBerry mobile devices are getting popular among hitech gadget users and so applications for BlackBerry mobile phone.   Application developer trying to get hook on this RIM – Research In Motion gadget, they are racing to be the best BlackBerry apps. Some application developers make cool apps and others made useful apps or even freaky.

But in this moment, we are going to give you the best BlackBerry apps and cool or useful stuff. Check it out.

Best blackberry Apps – The List

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of best blackberry apps for 2011 from the biggest company in the world, Google.

You can see this Google Maps is already coming on desktop computer and getting popular on hitech gadget user, but since Google software developer made this software for mobile gadget like blackberry so you can get experience on your mobile phone. You can do search for streets, roads, address for local business, or get instruction on how to turn by turn on road blocks.

Opera Mini

We think a lot of user gadget already know this one of the best blackberry apps for 2011, it is a good performance browser. Opera Mini comes in vary version for mobile phone, including for BlackBerry mobile phone. You can do zoom in or zoom out, landscape mode and save pages as a bookmark tabs.

Google Sync

Google Sync is also one of the best blackberry apps for 2011 that come from Google. You can choose one of two versions on Google sync, Physical or automatic. In automatic version, you can’t set sync schedule. So if you are the BlackBerry user that still use old version and you find trouble on synchronize some intervals, we recommend use the manual version.


This is one of the best blackberry apps for 2011, you can review some songs that play on radio everyday and even you already know it. Shazam is cool program that you can try on your BlackBerry mobile gadget.

X Player

X Player is fantastic invention program and one of the best blackberry apps for 2011. You can play video in many formats.

That’s 5 best blackberry apps for 2019; hope this list will help you to maximize your Blackberry device.