Dolphin HD 5 Browser For Android Brings New Update

Latest hitech news, a new top best Android browser version update of Dolphin HD 5 has released by Mobotap, version 5 is available for Android mobile device platform. This Android Dolphin HD 5 can be a killer update application for modern mobile devices, like tablets. Android Dolphin HD 5 will compete with others popular Android browser apps for mobile phone devices, such as Firefox Mobile, Opera Mobile or Miren.

Dolphin HD 5 Browser – Review, Features & Comparison

As you can compare to Android browser on hitech world, Dolphin HD 5 has built-in Android web HTML rendering which means low overhead compare to Google’s Android mobile browser.
According to Ars Technica, Dolphin HD 5 browser acts similar to the built-in Android browser application. Dolphin HD 5 browser offers better gesture support, tabbed interface, extensive configurability. Compared to Google’s Android browser, Dolphin HD 5 browser brings a wonderful add-on system.

Dolphin HD 5 Browser Layout

Dolphin HD 5 browser layout looks no change, still same like old version so current user who already familiar with this Android application will not be difficult to use. But, need some adaptation for organizational changes, such as going to quick access panel to get the settings, as you frequently use, you will get accustomed.

Dolphin HD 5 brings white and green interface, simple theme with black and green. The button location for new tab is changed to right side and floats over the tabs. There are new features: speed dial on start page for easy access – user can easily pin the favorite sites, most visited sites on new page, compact and efficient left sidebar. Dolphin HD 5 has fully navigable for the most visited lists using tree structure on sidebar.

Dolphin HD 5 browser has officially released and available around last week. You can get this application for free from the Android Market. Since the updates brings a good performance and improvements of usability, Dolphin HD 5 browser still one of the top best Android browser and popular pick apps for mobile device platform.

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