Facebook Inside Xperia – Integrate Social Networking More Deeply

Facebook inside Xperia will be new social network application in new Sony Ericsson smartphones. Sony Ericsson has announced new smartphones, Sonny Ericsson Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro and Arc which offers user gadget experience new social network – Facebook inside Xperia.

Sony Ericsson has developed Facebook inside Xperia that can quick access from Xperia home screen or most used operating system – music player, picture gallery, calendar and phonebook. User gadget can easily commenting and sharing on Facebook via new Sony Ericsson smartphones, like Xperia Arc.

Facebook inside Xperia – Apps

In Facebook inside Xperia, mobile phone user can do ‘like’ it when they listening or find favorite music from media player. User does not have to open Facebook application because the Wall will automatically updated on Facebook profile. These apps also have feature to track music and video from friends if they recommended, liked or comment on Facebook inside Xperia services, it is like YouTube apps.

The Facebook inside Xperia services offers integrated apps to mobile phone. User can easily share their photos in media gallery to communicate or share via one click mobile home screen and doing ‘like’ or comment at same time.

Facebook inside Xperia – features

Facebook inside Xperia features: Facebook albums and photos integrated into the Xperia gallery application, Easy access to see what friends are listening to and watching, Complete end to end social media and music process: Like, share and buy songs, See your friends’ pictures, interests and link to profile in your Xperia phonebook, Facebook notification alerts in the lock-screen to ensure users never miss an update, Facebook Events will synch with the Xperia Calendar, Instant ability to share the songs you ‘like’ with friends.

As Sony Ericsson release new mobile phone on Q2 and so Facebook inside Xperia will available with it, will ready in selected outlet store. For Xperia PLAY and Xperia Arc mobile users these apps can be update soon after the company finished integrates the apps.

Facebook inside Xperia will available as pre installed apps on Sony Ericsson new smartphone, Xperia mini and Xperia Mini Pro. These two new mobile phones will available in Q3 this year.

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