Google Admits Android Collect User Data

Not long after news spread about Google collect user data on Android gadget, Google as the owner of Android operating system tell the truth of news, openly admit that they do collecting user data location  from the Android user gadget.

Samy Kamkar – well-known security analyst, conducting research using the HTC Android. After investigation, he found that HTC Android which is used as an experiment has been done in collecting the user data location and sending it to Google. From experiments Android HTC, delivering data occur several times within one hour.

At this time, Google spokesman acknowledged that Google has done collect user data. But Google, Mountain View company said what is done is for the benefit of services, such as finding stores or restaurants, maps, and study the road traffic.

Google collects user data by knowing the Android user gadget location to offer various services on the basis of data collected.

According to Google, users can control the location sharing features of the Android gadget. Google provides notification and control facilities for collecting and using your Android gadget. Including location sharing option, Google said they could offer services and experiences on using better Android gadget.

At the time of collecting user data, all personal data can not be traced as a personal user or anonymously. Collecting user data and location data is sent back to the Google location server without sending important personal data.

Before this accident, Apple – Giant gadget manufacture has been surprisingly found with similar event, Apple is collecting user data. It was reported that Apple iPhone mobile phone can perform user data location. The news about apple collecting user data gets strong reaction from the various gadget communities, such as in South Korea, they are committed to conduct an investigation against Apple. Until now, there has been no comment or response from Apple about Apple collecting user data.

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