Google Nexus 4G Phone – Rumours, Specs, Reviews, Features

Latest hitech gadget news is coming from Google mobile phone, Nexus 4G. As rumour spread around the hitech gadget users, this upcoming Google Nexus 4G mobile phone release date is still waiting, some says you need to wait until Thanksgiving to get this new Android mobile device – Google Nexus 4G smartphone.

As reportedly, Google is preparing Nexus 4G mobile phone with latest technology features, such as a beast size screen, ability to capture High Definition video and a dual core processor. Google Nexus 4G smartphone that runs on Android 4. 0 – Ice Cream Sandwich operating system will be available sometime in Thanksgiving.

Google Nexus 4G – Reviews, Specs, Features

Rumored, Google Nexus 4G mobile phone specification list is not complete yet, but the Nexus 4G specs would have a dual core processor with 1. 2 GHz to 1. 5 GHz. According to BGR, they said that new Qualcomm Snapdragon chip or OMAP 4460 chip by Texas Instruments are the candidates.

Google Nexus 4G mobile phone also can have sport memory with 1 GB RAM, a front facing camera with 1 megapixel resolution, a rear facing camera with 5 megapixel resolution, ability to capture 1080p HD video,   and a large display with 720p – but there no further specific on this item. Some Google Nexus 4G reviews said that will be no hardware buttons and user gadget can do interact to the phone by software based.

There is no detail on what the carrier will come with Google Nexus 4G mobile phone. The rumored around the net on United States said this phone device will collaborate with Sprint phone operator. No confirmation on whatever the rumored Google Nexus 4G phone carrier will carry with the Nexus brand.

Google may be found other possible alternative create a superior handset (like Nexus 4G phone) that will continue the way for Ice Cream Sandwich phone device, probably, by working closely with a mobile device maker.

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