Smartphone Battery Recharge with Wind Energy

Have you heard about smartphone which powered by the solar system? You might be heard about it, because the first smartphone equipped with solar panels have been launched in the middle of last year by Puma Phone. Smartphone with solar power is sold is limited. A good concept for hitech gadget like a smartphone, but you might consider offering to replace your cellphone again.

Then how about if there is a solar technology used in mobile phone charger? About docking smartphone gadget, charger, not a new technology as some already know the charger that are powered by solar panel, some of you may already choose a solar panel charger. Charger solar panel was developed from the needs of the rechargeable cell phone battery when no electric current or in times of emergency.

From the concept of a solar panel charger gives inspiration Lance Cassidy, he offering concept mobile phone charger using wind energy. Cell phone batteries can be recharged without the use of electric current but using wind turbine.

Wind turbine charger technology is called Aero E Wind Power Generator. How it works, wind turbine charger technology is wind energy converted into electrical current and then transferred wirelessly via induction. You put hitech gadget on the pad. Make your neighbor amazed by putting in the windows of your home.

Wind turbine deliver power wirelessly to a pocket-filling, the user gadget just put smartphone on the pad. Wind turbine charger technology to provide electrical power to the hitech gadgets and when you return from the activity you will get your smartphone battery is fully charged.

Development of wind turbine charger is to create a special application where gadget user can connect smartphone with wind turbine charger anywhere, through an internet connection. Users can turn off and turn gadget charger and track wind patterns.

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