The Best Android Browser – September 2019

The battle of the best android browser has continued, who will be the best android browser on hitech gadget?

The Android browser application developer try to build faster and reliable internet surf on mobile gadget, such as mobile phone, smartphone, and tablet PC.

Here Comes The Best Android Browser On September 2019

Fennec (Mobile Firefox)

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) is potential mobile browser that can become the best android browser. Fennec (Mobile Firefox) has ability to run Android flash video, YouTube enabler, TwitterBar – can do tweet from address bar and blocking ads with Fennec AdBlock Plus.

Fennec (Mobile Firefox) support add-ons and extensions, like Firefox.

Opera Mini 5

Opera Mini 5 is the best android browser, free mobile browser with speed accessibility and cost effective. Opera Mini 5 has features speed dial – easy shortcuts with nine customize favorite sites. Opera Mini 5 supports tabbed browsing – can do switch different pages for easily and quickly open pages, navigation aids – for auto complete the address bar, also built-in search bar.

Skyfire 2. 0

Skyfire 2. 0 is the only the best android browser that has Flash Video support. With Skyfire 2. 0, user gadget can watch video clips on google video, vimeo, YouTube and many others video clips.

Skyfire 2. 0 has features manage open tabs or pages, quick access setting, easy page bookmark.

Dolphin HD

Dolphin HD is good performance and effective android browser for mobile gadget, mobile phone and smartphone or tablet PC.

Dolphin HD is first the best android browser with a lot of tabs, multi touch zoom and pinch zoom, shortcut for easy access sites.


Xscope is light and speed browser for Android mobile platform. With Xscope, allows downloading any files and storing YouTube video clips to SD card, organizing tab, and task manager – easy killing application or see running apps. Xscope is the best android browser because speed and download any files ability.

The best android browser reviews always base on speed, easy access, add-ons tabs and files management, that is what mobile gadget user need to.

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