The Nokia 3310 is back with Snake and mythical ringtones

It’s done, the famous Nokia 3310 is back. And this time, it is updated, but not too much. We should find the highlights of this device, at a reasonable price: 49 euros approximately.

Nokia held a press conference with his partner. HMD Global, at the end of the conference, the new version of the emblematic Nokia 3310, a phone that has sold 126 million copies was announced.

This time it is a real comeback with a new model that takes up the main arguments of the original product, and not just 3310 reconditioned as it had been discussed in 2014. One still finds in Amazon or Darty For example, for nearly 100 euros all the same.

Nokia 3310: a 2G phone with a 2. 4-inch screen

It thus takes back the look of the 3310 of the 2000s in the outline, plus with a larger screen of 2. 4 inches (240 x 320 pixels). No Android controls, but the Nokia Series 30+ operating system that is found on some phone features like the Nokia 230 launched in 2015.

This means one or two micro-SIM card slots (depending on the version), 16 MB of internal storage, a microSD card reader (32 GB), Bluetooth 3. 0, a micro USB port and From a 2 Mpixel camera with a LED flash. On the network side, only 2G is supported (900 and 1800 MHz), do not plan to surf the Internet with. Attention also to networks of operators who do not offer or terminate 2G. Its technical characteristics are detailed here.

49 euros, with Snake and the Nokia ringtone obviously

The manufacturer announces a 22 hours autonomy in communication, 51 hours in music (MP3) and one month in standby. The camera measures 115. 6 x 51 x 12. 8 mm (113 × 48 × 22 mm for the original 3310) and weighs 79. 6 grams with its 1200 mAh battery, well below the 133 grams of its predecessor.

It is available in red, yellow, blue and gray, for a price of 49 euros. Obviously, the Nokia ringtone of the time and the game Snake are part, in a remastered version. Note that the game will also be accessible on Facebook Messenger for the nostalgic who wish to redo some holidays.
Nokia does not stop there and also announces a whole range of accessories in search of «faithful incarnations of the brand’s iconic design philosophy»: headsets, portable speakers and Bluetooth, car chargers, cases and protections Screenshot.

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