United States Army Marketplace Will Be Released

United States plans to launch application store for United States military, Army Marketplace. Army marketplace designed for United States military are able to download software or applications to hitech gadgets, such as computer or smartphone.

Army Marketplace will be released on august

Application store for United States military, «Army Marketplac e» planned to be released in August 2011. Marketplace Army planned to provide software for Android mobile phone and Apple iPhone. In the Army Marketplace will have wide Android applications, including training manual and productivity tools for the United States military. Android applications are expected to facilitate United States army job, such as mapping the location of a region, translating a foreign language or know the position of associate.

Army Marketplace project

On April 29, 2011, Head of mobile application projects, Lieutenant Colonel Gregory Motes told «Wired» that the design and development of software / application for United States military going through the long and difficult journey. But the design and application development must be processed quickly to immediate use in Army Marketplace.

According to Wired, there is possibility Department of Defense Server will be used for Army Marketplace and may not be available to the general public because it can only be accessed by military community members.

Army Marketplace for mobile phone applications

The U. S. government has not provided certainty and choosing a mobile phone that will be used for access Army Marketplace. The United States government is still looking for a safe and secure mobile phone to access the government network. According to the news circulated, U. S. National Institute of Standards and Technology is preparing for certification for the Apple iPhone. But it is expected to take a long time to complete the process.

Until now there is no Android mobile phone is available for Android applications are being developed.

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