What the Most Users Complain about

Do you have a problem with the iPhone 4? Do not be afraid because we will provide a solution to fix this Apple iPhone 4 so that you have hope to make your iPhone 4 work again and work in a short time.

Hitech gadgets like Apple iPhone4 is sold with a spectacular rate since the launch.

But along with that there are some unexpected shortcomings of the iPhone 4 on the basis of the experience of gadget users. Starting from the famous Death Grip through the yellow screen and rear camera broke. This is what might have faced from new iPhone 4 buyers and how to handle it if that happened.

The iPhone 4 Death Grip Reports of weak signal on the Apple iPhone 4 begins even before stomping rack. Walt Mossberg, including reporters who are lucky where he without the need to pay thousands of dollars by doing reviews. While consumers should call their grievances with difficulty.

By linking your hand with the bottom and the left antenna iPhone 4 cause signal drop from full and then suddenly disappear altogether, this is called The Death Grip.

Apple has vehemently denied if the iPhone 4 has a problem with the hardware, they claim this is a problem with how the signal is displayed. When testing is confirmed by Consumer Reports with The computation itself that holds the iPhone 4 with a certain way will result in interruption of the signal, as a result is recommended.

Rear camera stops working Did you ever take a picture only to find the virtual camera shutter on the iphone 4 you and stop suddenly? Many iPhone 4 users experience it. Although initially have worked, but at some point be found to stop working forever.

treatment: Do not bother with make restoring or rebooting because no fix for every iphone 4 users. We recommend that you make an appointment at the Genius Bar.
iPhone 4 glass which easily broken or scratched.

Apple has healed concerns over problems with the iPhone 4 glass with chemically strengthened as much as 30 times harder than plastic materials and 20 times more rigid. But the glass remains a glass, it still happens vulnerability on iphone 4.

Treatment: By wrapping your iPhone 4. Wrap around case, this will keep from scratched or cracked if dropped or bumped. Also use a screen protector will greatly help the scratches on the surface.

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