What are the divisions of an IT firm?

Because computer systems are so important in information management, computer departments in businesses and institutions are always referred to as IT departments. Here you can learn everything there is to know about some of the departments that make up an IT firm.


The production function initiates the steps required to deliver the company’s goods or services. Controlling and managing the production staff, as well as production planning and scheduling, are critical roles. It’s also in charge of overseeing product quality and determining the best production techniques and facility architecture.

Management of Human Resources

Recruitment and selection, employee relations, training and development, health and safety issues, redundancy procedures, and other issues are all handled by this department.


This is involved with obtaining items and ventures for the organization’s purpose. These will include, for example, raw materials and components for assembly and production equipment.

This function’s responsibilities often extend to procuring items and ventures for the entire organisation (not just the Production job), such as office gear, furniture, and writing materials.

Development and Research (R&D)

R&D is concerned with the development of new products or processes as well as the enhancement of existing ones.

To ensure that the organisation is providing exactly what its clients require in the most productive, viable, and efficient manner, research and development activities must be firmly connected with the organization’s marketing activities.

Finance and Accounting

This department is in charge of monetary record-keeping for trades involving financial inflows or outflows, financial statement preparation, payroll administration, and many other tasks.

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This department is responsible for discovering and meeting customers’ needs at a reasonable cost. Controlling the marketing mix, which includes the “4Ps” of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place, is a critical task in marketing.

Some of the IT department’s tasks

Every member of the IT department performs an important duty for the company. Some are in charge of multiple areas of the IT department, especially in smaller businesses.

Science of Information

You may be asking, now that you’ve learned about information technology, what information science is. Is it synonymous with information technology?

Information science has been in use for longer than information technology, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, which dates back to 1960. The term “librarianship” is a new one. It refers to the procedure for gathering, classifying, storing, and retrieving data.

It entails filing papers or storing books by category in the paper-based world. By looking for codes on bookshelves, libraries have index files that can tell you exactly where to find a book. By referring to the index within each book, you can locate exactly what you’re looking for. Information science procedures were used to create the categorization code as well as book indexes.